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Project A

Project A is an adaptive reuse program that turns a discarded mill into a combination of agriculture and residence in North Smith Field, Rhode Island. The letter "A" not only means the mill's name, which is Andrew's mill, but also means "Agriculture", "Arise", "Aggregation". The program would not only incorporate the agriculture features, but also serve as a residence space for local erlders who are 50 years old or above.


   The design proposal is to turn the mill into a space suitable for living is to embed a self-cleaning system combined with agriculture into the site. When people are involved into this system, their behaviour will help cure the polluted land exterior. While the residence space is kept in a safe place without pollution. During the curation, people can not only grow food by themselves, but also sell their agricultural products to the community.

   The mill allows 100 people to live in and 200 cars to park. In order to allow each unit have equal amount of access to light, I took 1 soltude in between each two soltudes, and insert the walls next to the remain soltude to form an enclosed space. Because the height of the interior space of the mill is as high as 14 feet, I divided the height under the soltude into 2 floors. 

Biopile System

   The design proposal of Project A include an online soil purification system called "biolpile system". This kind of system allows people to make use of the local bacteria to treat the contaminated soil, so it's an on-site treatment. Because the farmers market is open to public, I propose that the staff of the market can encourage the customers who visit the markt to help take part in the treatment. If they agree to take part in the treatment, they'll be able to get a discount for purchasing the farmer's product.

Scafolding System

The design of the scafolding system is based on the existing rooftop frame structure. The new design extended the frames west-ward and multiplies the shape of soltude, and finally transform into a new system. This system is mainly used for fruit farming.